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Nelson de Kok

Nelson started at a young age playing football and soon proved to have a natural talent for technical football skills. As a field football player, he started his career at the youth academy of R.K.C. Waalwijk, continued playing in the highest division of indoor football and was part of the Dutch national youth team (Jong Oranje). At this moment, Nelson is the most renowned street football virtuoso in the Netherlands. His air- and groundtricks are unparalleled/exceptional and internationally unmatched. Even Ronaldinho expressed his admiration for his skills during the filming of EA Fifa-Street computer games, in which Nelson served as a motion capture performer.

Considering his technical skills, ball control and experience both as a player and trainer, he is highly qualified as a skills coach for a football club/association.

Since 2010, nelsondekok.com provides weekly functional technique-training for various professional football organisations and amateur associations, such as Willem II, R.K.C Waalwijk, V.O.A.B, Desk and Brabant–United. The technical level of the players made a remarkable progress and every week the players enjoy a detailed technique-training. In addition, nelsondekok.com is a dynamic organisation bureau specialized in all aspects surrounding streetfootball. Nelsondekok.com provides amongst others exhibitions, shows, clinics, commercials and complete football events.

In recent years, many companies, municipalities, multinationals and football clubs have expressed their confidence in nelsondekok.com.
Nelson has built up an impressive expertise giving worldwide thousands of shows and clinics; he will make your event a guaranteed success.

Check out the videoclips on the website to get an impression; for both young and old, it will be an entertaining experience! 

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