Technique Training

Numerous top players have learnt their skills and techniques on the street.
Nelson de Kok is not only one of the best street footballers on the planet but he has also worked as  a coach for professional clubs and has many years of experience holding Football clinics across the World.

The skills training sessions are available for youth players, both boys and girls of all levels.
We will train you in; ball control, coordination, making feints, caps / run ball, operational speed, rounding the target, freestyle, panna moves and party games. Speed and agility is very important in today’s football.
The starting point during the workouts is the individual development of the relevant youth player, where each participant is challenged and experiencing success on his or her level.

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Freestyle Soccer Show

The freestyle show begins with a demonstration, and then it’s time to interact with the public, an optional Panna clinic, followed by a photo opportunity and autograph session with the freestyler (s).

A Panna Clinic can be optionally included in the freestyle show. A chance to learn the techniques needed to make the ultimate Panna. All moves are explained step by step so; you too, will become a magician with the ball in no time. It’s a great experience for both young and old. 

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Streetsoccer Clinic

During a clinic you will learn how to give a panna and how to create magic with both air and ground moves. All moves are explained step by step so that you too will be, in no time, creating magic with the ball. These master class’s have been arranged to suite everyone. There is nothing more fun than to challenge your colleges, friends or fellow-members in an ultimate battle to find out who can make the most beautiful moves. We can even set up a tournament, where the winners playoff in an ultimate final against the other top players.

Panna clinics can be booked as stand alones or as part of a tournament, this offers you the possibility and flexibility to involve more participants.

The Events can be independent or based on a particular topic (e.g. company festivals, sport days, etc.)

All clinics are of a high standard, high quality and high value.

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Sport is motivational and as a result, sport marketing is an excellent way to change or improve your image, reputation or product. Through sport you can communicate with the consumer, customer and your business partners. Nelson de Kok has helped many companies with successful publicity campaigns.

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Birthday party

The best day in the year for every child is their birthday. To party with all their friends, to share and to celebrate.

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s next birthday party? Well look no further as has a fantastic birthday package, suitable for boys and girls of all ages.

The Panna Birthday Party Package includes:

* A demonstration by one or more 2Fast players
* A Freestyle clinic and or tournament with special guests
* Photo/ autograph session.
* And of course we will bring along a terrific gift for the birthday boy or girl
. children’s party package is also a nice replacement when during the season a football match is cancelled.

Nelson de Kok guarantees an unforgettable party celebration…

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Motion Capture

Motion capturing is a hi-tech technique which captures the movement of a live player which is then used to make a 3D model move, come alive, to create realistic motion in a 3D computer generated character or cartoon character animation. This technique is used in many computer games, movies and cartoons available today.
Nelson was the live action performer for the EA-Sports game FIFA-Street.

When Fifa Street was released it created a huge buzz around the world becoming an instant global sales success.

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